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Name:: claire
Age:: 15
Resides in:: long beach, cali.


Bands:: hot hot heat, the vines, the used, metric, modest mouse, the strokes, jamie cullum, bright eyes, alk3, SoCo, bob marley, switchfoot
Movies:: amelie, anything tim burton, donnie darko, sid and nancy
Books:: anything by fransesca lia block, the davinci code, fight club, gingerbread.
Stores:: h&m, small thrift stores, macy's.


the current economy of america:: sucks
labels:: eh. who needs them.
designer clothes:: gucci, louis vuitton, prada.
most overrated band:: gc. blahh.
most overrated movie:: ghost world


how did you find out about cxb:: random searching.
why do you want in:: cause im just that cool.

Pics:: none as of now my digi cams being fixed. and sorry i cant do LJ cuts. uhm. yeah im that stupid.
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+hot hot heat, metric, modest mouse, bright eyes, soco
- bob marley and the strokes yucko
+ all of your movies
+ divinci code I LOVE that book!
- your oppinionated answers werent exactly very oppinionated

if you had just left me a comment i would have told you how to do a cut!

even though i gave you alot of negatives i still get a good feeling about you so....-deeply contemplates- ill say yes
but one more thing darling, you cannot follow format!!!!!

yeah well. i cant do much of anything on this. im guess i cant say im a geek when it comes to computers. cause that'd be a computer geek. and i know close to nothing about them.

and also. thank you.

im a dignified computer nerd lol
-modest mouse
-bob marley
-the strokes
+fight club
+amelie herd it was good
darling you never said yes or no lol
add em up
darling if you get your camera back before 6:04 on the 28th post pics you will be notified at about 6:00 that night stating whether you are accepted or not

if you dont make it i would definietly suggest reapplying in a few days

thanks doll
tomorrow? eeek. ill use a friends camera perhaps.
ill post maybe later tonight? as i said. i suck at using comps. so i dont know how to put them on :)
its ok ill make an exception


April 29 2004, 11:55:24 UTC 13 years ago

sorry for the late notice my eljay accounts ahve been screwed up but you darling are accepted

awesome, thanks